Sponsorship Opportunities

We hope you will join us in producing the 19th annual HPCX, a bicycle race and community event in Jamesburg, New Jersey.  If you're interested in becoming involved as an event sponsor, please contact us at sponsorship@hpcx.org.

What is HPCX?

This race attracts the best cyclocross riders from around the country and will help determine which athletes represent the United States at national and world championships. The combination of an elite sporting event and grassroots competitive cycling for all ages in conjunction with the venue’s location between Philadelphia and New York City make HPCX a unique and outstanding marketing opportunity.

What is cyclocross?

Cyclocross is the fastest-growing discipline of bicycle racing in the United States. These cross country style events become a beautiful spectacle of speed and color. Competitors race at the speed of elite road racers while displaying the acrobatics necessary to negotiate difficult terrain.

Who will participate?

We expect over 1000 athletes to participate. HPCX is an elite sporting event and  also a great outing for families. There will be racing and a festival atmosphere throughout the weekend. There will be racing for everyone from beginners to professionals and will include fun races for children from surrounding communities.